Eduard de Guardiola: Why You Should Be an Active Supporter of Local Police Department

There are many ways in which one can support their local police department and countless benefits that derive from contributing support. In this blog, Eduard de Guardiola of Vista Realty Partners and the de Guardiola Family Office will showcase how you can contribute to your local police department and the advantages of your donations.

The two most common routes for supporting local police departments can be split into two categories, volunteering, and financial contributions, both of which can be approached in many ways. Let’s begin with volunteer options, for those who are more inclined to take the proactive approach.

Supporting your local police by actively volunteering

There are several paths to volunteering with your local police department, and as with the pursuit of a career, you should approach volunteering based on what you like and what your experience is. For example, if you like crunching numbers and are a professional accountant, consider assisting with administrative duties. Or, if you are active and like to be outdoors, take part in a community watch program that keeps an eye out in your neighborhood. Eduard de Guardiola has created a small checklist below of some ideas and ways in which you can volunteer your time and services.

  • Serve on a citizen advisory board
  • Participate in a citizen’s police academy
  • Participate in a neighborhood watch
  • Participate in police initiatives projects and programs
  • Attend community meetings
  • Participate in law enforcement surveys

Contributing by making financial donations to your local police department

For those who are too busy to actively volunteer or are more inclined to give back by making financial donations, there are many options and benefits to giving back in this manner. One of the greatest aspects of donating to police departments is that you can often allocate the donation to an area that is meaningful to you or your family.

eduard de guardiola policia

For instance,  if you have been subject to identity theft, a growing problem in America, your donation could support the department’s online criminal investigations unit. Eduard de Guardiola suggests that you ask your local police department if this is possible, as special local rules and regulations may vary.

Another advantage of making a financial contribution is that they are typically tax deductible. This could pay off when it comes time to file your annual income taxes, providing you with financial relief and possible higher return. Along with serving as a tax deduction, donating to charities can be a great means of networking.

Whether by serving on a citizen advisory board, joining your local neighborhood watch or attending community law enforcement meetings, Eduard de Guardiola is here to tell you that there is no shortage of ways that you can help out by volunteering. Contact your local police department and ask how you could be of assistance.

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