Eduard de Guardiola: The In’s and Outs of Luxury Home Development in Palm Beach

There are several things to take into consideration when looking for a luxury home in Palm Beach, and when choosing between having a custom home being built or purchasing an existing luxury home, the decision can be difficult to make.

Benefits of having a luxury home built custom in Palm Beach

Firstly, it should be understood that building trends often coerce building developers to design their modes around the current market. But when you choose to have a luxury custom home built, you have the ability to have the home built based on your own unique desires.  Furthermore, being part of the building planning can be a very fun experience. Purchasing a pre-built home can limit or completely remove your ability to take part in the construction process. According to founder of Vista Realty Partners and the de Guardiola Family Office, Eduard J. de Guardiola, “when building a custom luxury home, you are instantly involved in the selection of everything in the building process from materials, to layout to the fine details such as lighting”.

eudard de guardiola luxury homes

Choose both quality and quantity when having a custom luxury home built for you and your family. Custom homes are constructed by the best of the best, as luxury home builders only hire the highest qualified contractors for the job. Eduard J. de Guardiola provides a good analogy as a luxury car versus an everyday domestic vehicle. The domestic car is nice, and you get out of it what you need, but the quality of the luxury car reflects on the careful engineering and the materials used. Below is a list of reasons why you should consider having a luxury home built for your unique needs according to Eduard de Guardiola.

If you can’t find your dream home on the market, build your own! – Eduard J. de Guardiola

When working with a luxury home developer, you are able to design the home of your dreams all the way down to the finest details. You can trust in the quality of the work and be fully informed on all of the details of the building process from the materials used, to the people who are behind the build. Aside from having the draft of your dream home customized for you and your family, choosing to have a custom home built can also give you say as to where it is built. Want a home right on the beach, or maybe one that’s close to your office, either way, you can have a choice in the location of your dream home as well.

Eduard de Guardiola luxury Real Estate

Have your day in the home features when developing a luxury home in Palm Beach

The character of your custom home should reflect your personality and your lifestyle. “The greatest part of having a home developed on your behalf is that you have say in all aspects of the build,” says Eduard de Guardiola. From the selection of materials used for the building process, the option of energy efficient technologies, to the security features and privacy, you have full say in how your home will look and function as an end result.

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