Eduard de Guardiola: The Importance of Mentoring Young Real Estate Entrepreneurs 

Many real estate  professionals consider becoming an entrepreneur as a potential career path and are eager to be their own boss. Take it from Eduard J. de Guardiola, without proper experience or mentoring it can be a difficult road to navigate.  

The opportunity to be your own boss is an appealing feature of entrepreneurship, but many people underestimate the responsibility and demands of such an undertaking, especially within the real estate industry. When problems arise, where do these young entrepreneurs turn for advice and guidance? Without having an experienced mentor to turn to, figuring things out on one’s own can present a great deal of stress and anxiety.

In our current social media days of instant gratification, many entrepreneurs are not actively seeking out mentors, as mentor-ship can be a long process which is often skirted from regardless of the benefits. People are in the habit of turning to search engines to give them the answers that they are looking for, however, this is not the best source for information and not necessarily the means of obtaining advice.  

eduard de guardiola mentorship

The quality advice and practical experience that can be gained through mentorship should not be overlooked by real estate entrepreneurs. For those who are able to swallow their pride and accept help from another, the success that could come out a well fit mentorship knows no bounds.

Eduard de Guardiola has created a list of the benefits of mentorship for aspiring real estate entrepreneurs

Opportunities Gained:

Having an established real estate mentor such as Eduard J. de Guardiola of Vista Realty Partners can provide you with years of expert industry knowledge, along with access to a network of business contacts that you could lean on. As a new entrepreneur, getting acquainted with executives and government officials can be a time-consuming challenge. One of the greatest benefits of having a mentor is that you can be introduced to potential business clients.

eduard de guardiola mentoring young entrepreneurs 2

Proven Success of Mentorship:

A survey by Stanford University on executive coaching found that 80 percent of CEOs polled had received some form of mentorship. When talking to business owners, many will agree to the benefits of mentorship and have themselves been mentored in their field at one point in time. It’s undisputed that mentorship can open up doors and provide immense insight into higher levels of real estate knowledge.

Practical Experience:

Finding solutions to simple business problems is not difficult, but what is a person to do when they find themselves facing a challenging decision in a niche field such as real estate? “A mentor can easily assist by applying their real-world experience to answer complicated questions,” says Eduard J. De Guardiola. The advice given by a mentor cannot be gathered through internet searches or textbooks and having a trusted and experienced mentor will ensure that you get the best answers to tricky questions.

When looking for a mentor, where should an aspiring real estate entrepreneur turn?

For those interested in finding a mentor, many are left questioning where to turn. There are innumerable self-help business gurus who advertise their mentorship, some qualified and legit, others are certainly not. Eduard de Guardiola suggests that anyone who is interested in finding a mentor should research people who are qualified in their industry and have a proven track record of success. After sorting out who would be ideal, try reaching out through emails and surely you will find someone who is willing to talk to you about mentorship.

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